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About Our Blog

Welcome to BenefitsofHemp.net

BenefitsofHemp.net is a CBD & hemp education blog and online resource center providing consumers and businesses with creative content, business advice, legal resources, licensing guides, product recommendations, and in-depth guides.  Learn about the benefits of hemp and stay up to date in the ever-changing CBD space.  With the support of our CBD business consultant, David McGinnis, who has over a decade of industry experience, we pride ourselves on giving our readers accurate information created through comprehensive research, timely news updates, and data analysis insights.  We share these articles with you as fun and informative articles to read, learn, enjoy, and share with others. Our mission is to be an information hub for both consumers and entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis or hemp & CBD space or grow their existing CBD business.

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About the Author

David McGinnis

David McGinnis is an innovative, ambitious entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal of success in the CBD industry. With almost a decade of experience, he consults for various startups and runs his own successful CBD brand, a marketing company, and still has time to add new and exciting content to over 20 hemp, CBD, and cannabis blogs. In his free time, David enjoys spending time with his fiancé Melanie and two miniature schnauzers as well as learning about new technology and writing. Because David works remotely and doesn’t get the day-to-day interaction in an office, he loves to hear from people and is easy to get ahold of. Contact him anytime if you have questions about your upcoming or existing business venture, or if you just want to say hello, by clicking on the chat support located on this site.

Services We Offer

Hemp & CBD Business Services

Private Label CBD Product Manufacturing
Bulk CBD, THC, HHC, & Delta 8 Gummy Manufacturing
Ecommerce Web Design
CBD Product Formulation
Logos & Branding
Packaging Design (Labels, Bags, Boxes)
Marketing (SMS, Email, Customer Outreach)

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